Monday, April 2, 2012

Chapter One - A New Beginning

(Note: Mari is pronounced as Mary :P )

She looked up at her new home, it was the best she could afford and still have money to live on. She knew she'd have to get a job, her parents had taught her to work hard for things she wanted so she had some money set aside but not much, not enough.
Sighing, she headed inside and made herself something to eat.
Luckily Saint Margret's had had a good Home-Ec. program and she was a nature cook.
Unfortunately after eating she ran to the bathroom.
After losing her lunch she settled onto the couch resting her head against her arm and wondering what to doIn a strange new town, without any of the people she thought loved her. She had gone to Saint Margret's her whole life, her mother was the headmistress  but the next day she would be starting her first day at a public school. Her phone started to ring and, hesitantly, she answered. Who could be calling her? No one knows where she is.
??? - Mari? Is that you?
Mari - Katherine? How did you find me?
Katherine - Does it matter? Please come home.
Mari - You know I can't
 Katherine - I miss you Mari. How did this happen? You where the good one, the perfect daughter, I was the screw up.
Mari - Rin...
Katherine - You know it's true. How did you let this happen?
Mari - I thought he loved me
Mari - I thought he loved meI feel so stupid. I'm scared, I can't do this alone.
Katherine - Then don't. 
Mari - I don't have a choice.  
Katherine - Mari...
Mari - Marry-EllaMari Wakefield no longer exists.It's Marry-Ella now, Marry-Ella Woodrow. The first thing I did when I got to this town was change my name. Our parents disowned me, I needed them but they want nothing to do with me. They don't want me, so I don't want their name
Katherine - Maybe they'd let you come back if...
Marry-Ella - If what?
Katherine - If you were, aloneI mean you have,um, options.
Marry-Ella - I'm not giving away my baby Katherine! Even if I did I wouldn't go home, "Daddy" told me never to come back and our mother was more concerned about what people would think. It would  be a huge town scandal too, for the preacher's daughter to get knocked up. I wonder how they're going to explain where I've gone.
Katherine - I need to go now. But Mari, Marry-Ella, I'm not mom and dad, pregnant or not, you're still my baby sister.
Marry-Ella - Thanks Rin. Bye. 
After hanging up the phone she tried eating again hoping this time it would stay in her stomach.
No such luck.
Marry-Ella - Come on baby, you need to let mama eat.
 After failing to keep down dinner Marry-Ella headed to bed.

After make her bed the next morning she slipped back into her jumper and went outside to wait for the bus.
She was the first pick up so the bus was empty. The bus driver decided to talk to her.
Driver -  I haven't seen you before, first day?
Marry-Ella - Yea.
Driver - You nervous?
Marry-Ella - A little.
The woman smiled at her reassuringly. 
Slowly Marry-Ella walked into the school. 


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