Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chapter Nine - Why are you here?


 Mel - Why are you all the way over there?
Alice -  I just quit, remember?
Mel - Right, I forgot. Want me to put it out?
Alice - Nah, I'm good. Gonna stay over here though
Mel -  You thinking of singing?
Alice - No, not today. You?
Mel - I don't know. I'll check the song list.
 Melissa looked though the listings.
Mel - Oh my god.
She was shocked, recognizing the name of a particular song new to the selection. Crushed, by Elise Estrada. It was one she listened to often, one she related to. It always made her think about him.
Mel - ♫I told myself today was gonna be the day, no more excuses cause I knew exactly what to say. Was gonna make my play but just like yesterday my mind erased and I let the moment slip away. Another night , got me sitting here all on my own, picking up the phone, but I can't get passed the dial toneRackin' my brain, goin' insane again and again, I can't keep goin' this way.
Mel - ♫ Crushed! By the sweetest lips I've never kissed and your fingertips and the warmest touch that I've always missed. Crushed! By the softest hands that I've never held. Probably never tell, you're the strongest love that I've ever felt. Crushed! That I haven't ever let you know, how it always goes, cause I lose my nerve whenever you get close and so I'm left, short of breath, with that heavy feeling in my chest. Baby I'm so crushed.
Mel - ♫ So I tell myself that tomorrow's gonna be the day and I keep on tellin' myself that I'm gonna find a way. And I won't be afraid just like yesterday, won't walk away, never gonna let another chance slip away. Cause I gotta know, which ever way it's gonna go. Rest my heart and soul, cause I could never be no more. Rackin' my brain, goin' insane, again and again, I can't keep going this way.Crushed! By the sweetest lips I've never kissed, and your fingertips, and the warmest touch that I've always missed. Crushed! By the softest hands I've never held,probably never tell, you're the strongest love that I've ever felt. Crushed! That I haven't ever let you know, how it always, goes cause I lose my nerve whenever you get close and so I'm self, short of breath, with that heavy feelin' in my chestBaby I'm so crushed.
Mel - ♫ Crushed that I'm so into you, don't know what I'm gonna do, gotta find a way to you.I don't know just what to do. Crushed that I'm so into you,don't know what I'm gonna do, gotta find a way to youOow wooahh. Crushed that I'm so into you, don't know what I'm gonna do, gotta find a way to you. And so I'm left, short of breath, with that heavy feeling in my chest. Baby I'm so...Crushed! By the sweetest lips that I've never kissed and your finger tips, and the warmest touch that I've always missed. Crushed! By the softest hands I've never held. Probably never tell, you're the strongest love that I've ever felt. Crushed! That I haven't ever let you know, how it always goes, cause I lose my nerve whenever you get close.
A while later, Melissa had finished, Alice came over and pulled her into a tight, comforting hug.
Alice - It was about him wasn't it?
Mel - Yes...
Alice - Mel...
Mel - We grew up together Ali, he was my best friend, until we met her. Even though I shouldn't, I can't help it. I'll always love him.
Alice - I understand.

Marry-Ella and Newton sat his front porch talking when they suddenly hear the screeching of swerving tires down the road, just on the other side of the bridge.  
In a mix of fear and curiosity Marry-Ella jumped up and ran down the road with Newton following behind.
Newton - Marry-Ella!
As Marry-Ella reached their yard Lyndi came running out of the house.
At that moment a crash and earsplitting scream cut through the air.
She ran a few steps further before dropping to her knees as the car came into view.
Newton knelt beside Marry-Ella as Lyndi stood frozen in her tracks by the scream she knew could only be from Katherine.
Newton - Marry-Ella?
Marry-Ella - That, that's Joshua's car.
Lyndi - Katherine's with him.
Newton lifted her from the ground and held her as she stared at the car in the distance, tears streaming down her face.

Lyndi knelt next to Joshua's hospital bed, tears in her eyes, holding his hands tightly in her own while Marry-Ella continued to cry in the background, lying her head on the table.

Not allowed to do so inside Mel sat on a bench outside the hospital smoking a cigarette and, as she often did when left alone with her thoughts, she started to think of him, memories of their childhood together flooding her mind.

She remembered riding behind him on the back of his bike as they went to school every morning and the feeling of wrapping her arms around him, wishing she could say she wanted more than friendship, even then.
Melissa - Faster Sammy, we're gonna be late.
Sam - Faster? Alright Lissy, hold on tight!
That Saturday by the water front, they were walking and talking and he reached over and messed up her hair.
Melissa - SAM!!
Sam - Haha! 
He had run away laughing.
Sam - Catch me if you can!
Melissa - Get back here Sammy! I'm gonna get you! 
And she did too, she had finally caught up to him and tackled him to the ground before mussing up his hair like he had done to her.

He was always there when she needed him. When her dog Precious died she had locked herself in her room and only let him in. For the longest time he had just held her while she cried.
Melissa - I know she was a dog but she was more then that, she was my friend Sam. I loved her.
Sam - I know, I loved her too. But hey.. you know what?
Melissa - W-what?
Sam - We still have each other... right? 
She had just nodded, wiping tears from her eyes.
Sam - And I know that I can make it through anything, as long as I have you...
Melissa - Oh Sammy! I don't know what I would ever do without you.
Sam - You'll never have to find out...
Those words echoed though her mind. If only they were true. She and Sam hadn't so much as spoke to each other in years. When they where about thirteen or so she had met and become friends with Lyndi. Of course, being her best friend, he wanted to meet her new friend... 
Suddenly something inside her caused her to look up and she found herself shocked to be looking right at him, at Sam.
Sam - Lissy!
Lissy? How many times have I longed to hear him call me that again?
He had been running toward the hospital entrance but upon seeing her turned and ran in her direction.
Sam -  Melissa what are you doing here?
 Mel - Shouldn't I be the one asking you that?
Sam - My mom called and said... well it kept breaking up but I caught something about you, and the hospital, and a car crash and I just... You're alright?
Mel - I...I'm fine
Then for the first time she looked at him, really looked at him, really saw him. She saw... Sam, her Sam.
Mel - You're wearing your hair like that again, like you did when we were kids.
Sam - Huh? Oh um yeah....well...
He swept his hair back only to have it fall back in front of his eye
Sam - I need to cut it, or maybe grow it out, so I can pull it back. Hey, um can, can I get a light?
In spite of herself she laughed as she tossed him a lighter
Mel - Yeah, sure.
Sam - Thanks... 
They smoked in silence for a while before he finally spoke.
Sam - What happened to us Lissy?
Mel - Lyndi... You and Lyndi happened.
Sam - You didn't have to take her side. You chose her over me, your best friend. Why?
Mel - I, um, I...
Sam - Lissy?
She put out her cigarette and took a deep breath.
I have to tell him, no more excuses. Now or never.
Mel - I was bitter, I was still hurting over you wanting her in the first place. I... I chose her over you...
She paused taking another breath, trying to calm herself.
Mel - I chose her over you because you chose her over me!
Sam - W-what!?
Mel - I loved you, but you wanted her. You broke my heart Sammy and you never even realized it! And honestly I don't know which hurt more.
Sam - Oh...
Mel - Oh? I say I love you and that you broke my heart and you say, oh?
Sam - Well what am I supposed to say? What do you want me to do Melissa?
Sam - Do you want me to take your hands and pull you to your feet and look into your beautiful, gorgeous eyes and tell you that the only reason I ever wanted Lyndi was because I thought I would never have you and that I needed to accept that and move on? That's the reason we broke up, the reason she accused me of cheating was because after you had hung up I whispered "I love you" into the phone.
Mel - Oh Sammy.
Sam - Is that what you want Lissy? Or... or I could do this.
He moved his hand from hers, gripping her wrist and pulling her towards him.
Pulling her in, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. In that moment, as their lips finally met for the first time it was like time had stopped and there was only them, this was something they had been building to their whole lives.
He lifted her in his arms, never wanting to let go or to pull his lips from hers. He tried not to think of the years they wasted, that they could have been together if they had just said something. 
She held him closely, never wanting the moment to end. She was kissing Sam, by a fountain, under the night sky with the light of a full moon. It was so unimaginably perfect. 
Sam -  You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that.
Mel - I think I do.
  Alice - Well would you look at thatBout freakin' time.
The sudden appearance of her friend sent Mel crashing back to reality and she remembered where she was, and why. The joy she had felt seconds before was replaced with sorrow and guilt.
What's wrong with me? I have no right to be so happy right now, when Joshua's lying up there in a hospital bed. And Katherine...
Alice sighed.
Alice - Can I get a smoke?
Sam - Sure.
Mel - Alice! I thought you quit?
Alice - Yeah, I thought I quit too. Then this shit happened.
Mel - So, you've been in there more recently than me. How is Joshua?
Alice - He was still unconscious the last time I checked.
Sam - Whose Joshua?
 Mel - He's, um, a guess a friend. He was with one of our other friends and now he's with Lyndi.
Alice - I wonder if he's awake yet. I spoke to a doctor on my way out here and it should be any time now.

Sure enough, it wasn't long before he started to open his eyes. Sitting up he focused for a moment, collecting his thoughts. He remembered the crash, realized he was in the hospital and assumed Katherine was in another room nearby, then he saw Marry-Ella.
Joshua - Marry-Ella? Why are you here?
Joshua -  Why aren't you with Katherine, Mari?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chapter Eight

Shortly after her birthday it was time for her to graduate. 
Joshua - Happy Graduation sweetheart.
Lydni - Aww, Joshua. I am so lucky.
Joshua - Not as lucky as I am.
Marry-Ella started talking to one of the other graduate's. His name is Newton and it turns out he lives next door.


The time flew by it before they new it it was Katherine's birthday.
Her aunt and namesake held her as she blow out her candles.
She was surrounded in sparkles and a moment later was standing there, a beautiful young girl.
Joshua walked over to her.
Joshua - Happy birthday baby girl.
Katherine - Thank you Daddy.
Joshua - Hey, you know what?
Katherine - What?
Joshua - I think I want to do something special just us. How about I take you to dinner, just the two of us, this weekend.
Katherine - Okay!
Marry-Ella -  I think that's a great idea.
Newton - Hey Marry-Ella.
Marry-Ella - Newton, I'm glad you came. I thought you didn't like children.
Newton - Eh, I don't really care for kids but,a, your little girl is alright, I guess.
Knowing they were next door to each other they had become friends and hung out a few times since graduation.
Newton - Hey, can I talk to you a minute, alone.
Marry-Ella - Yea, I guess.
Newton - So, um , Marry-Ella, we've known each other for a while now and I like you a lot and, um... will you,um...
She laughs, waiting for him to get his words out.
Newton - I'm sorry, I'm not normally this nervous.
Marry-Ella - I know.
He inhaled deeply then took both of her hands in his.
Newton - Will you go out with me?
Marry-Ella - Yes.
Newton - Yes?
Marry-Ella - Mhmm. Yes, I'll go out with you Newton.
Newton - Tomorrow night?
Marry-Ella - Okay.
At the same time Joshua was talking to Lyndi about taking her out the next night as well.
Lyndi - What are we going to do, where are we going.
Joshua - It's a surprise.
Lyndi - What should I wear?
Joshua -  What should you wear?
Lyndi - Well yea, I don't wanna wear jeans and a T-shirt and to go to some nice restaurant, or a fancy dress  to go to a club or something. So I need to know what we're doing so I know what to wear.
Joshua - I wanna surprise you, just a, wear something... special.

Lyndi - Emmie will you help me get ready for my date with Joshua?
Marry-Ella -  Where are you going?
Lydni - It's a surprise, he just told me to wear something special.
Marry-Ella - Special huh?
Lyndi - Yea, so will you help me?
Marry-Ella - Maybe, if you help me get ready for my date with Newton.
Lyndi - Deal.

Joshua - You look amazing.
Lyndi - It's not to much, is it?
Joshua - No, it's perfect. You're perfect.
Lyndi - Joshua...
Joshua - I mean it , you are. I love you Lyndi.
Lyndi - I love you too. 

They seemed have the bistro patio to themselves as they ate a romantic candle lit dinner under the stars and talked. 
Lyndi - I'm glad you like the dress, Emmie helped pick it out and helped me get ready.
Joshua -  Oh?
Lyndi - Yea, we helped each other actually. She's out with Newton.
Joshua - Newton? From next door?
Lyndi - Mhmm.
Lyndi - I've had a wonderful time.
He chuckled lightheartedly.
Joshua - The night's not over yet love.
Lyndi - It's not?
Joshua - No.
Joshua - Walk with me.
Hand in hand he led her across the road, down the steps, to the waterfront.
Lyndi -  Oh wow.You can see most of the town from here. I never really realized how beautiful it is.
Joshua - Almost as beautiful as you. 
Joshua - Now, I know you don't like using your full name but in this case it doesn't seem right not to.
Lyndi - Wha...
Lyndi -  What are you doing?!?
Joshua - Lyndela Elise Harlow...
Lyndi -  Oh My God!
Joshua - Lyndela Elise Harlow, you are my world, I love you more then anyone I have ever known....
Lyndi - Oh My God!!
Joshua - I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Joshua - Will you marry me?
Lyndi - Yes, yes Joshua yes.
Lyndi - Oh my god, Yes, I'll marry you.
Lyndi - Oh my god.

Marry-Ella - Lyndi! You're home. I had a great time with Newton, he's so sweet and... and we'll talk about me later, how was your date?
Lyndi - Well...
She was so happy, smiling and laughing, she could barely talk and raised her hand for Marry-Ella to see the ring.
Marry-Ella - Oh my god, LydniCongratulations 
Marry-Ella - I'm so happy for you, for both of you.

Joshua - Are you excited to be starting school?
Katherine - Yea, I can't wait. I'm surprised they took me so late into the year, its already late fall.
Joshua - What do you mean?
Katherine - Mom said that when you were little cause your birthday was after the start of the school year so you had to wait until the next year.
Joshua - She told you about that huh? Yea well luckily Twinbrook isn't as strict as North Crest, where your mom and I grew up.

Joshua - I wanted to talk to you about something.
Katherine - Mmm?
Joshua - It's about me and Lyndi.
Katherine - You're not braking up are you?!?
Joshua - No, no.
Katherine - Good. 
Joshua - Haha,Quite the opposite actually.
Katherine - The opposite? What's the opposite?
Joshua - I've asked her to marry me.
Katherine - Really?
Joshua - Yes, really. 
Katherine - Are you going to have a big fancy wedding , wish pretty dresses and lots of flowers and stuff?
Joshua - I'll leave the planning to Lyndi, but I'm sure she'll let you help.
Katherine - Can we go home now?
Joshua - Okay sweetie.
Katherine - I'm tired Daddy.
Joshua - Okay princess, lets get you home. It's starting to rain.

They climbed into the car,before driving her turned to check on her.
Joshua - Seat belt.
Katherine -  Right.
She buckled herself in and he began the drive home.

The rain was making it hard to see and he had to keep his eyes on the road. While her father wasn't looking Katherine removed her seat belt to lay down, falling asleep. The rain was getting heavier and a fog raising the farther they drove causing low viability. Another car, coming from the other way, started to veer from the other lane, Joshua barely saw them in time, it didn't have it's headlights on, and swerved to avoid a crash but the road was slick and wet from the rain and he lost control spiraling across the road.
The engine burst into flames as the car hit the tree. Joshua hear Katherine's scream as she was flung forward out of the car before losing consciousnesses as his head slammed against the wheel, knocking him out.